Please feel free to leave your fondest memories and thoughts on these two gentlemen and how they shaped your world. All thoughts and photos will be shared during our dedication service on October 27, 2013.

Thank you! 
~ Mt. Morris Schools

Judy Horvath Blower
06/12/2013 12:08pm

I graduated in the Class of 1979. Mr. Anderson was my band director from when I first started in band in the 6th grade at Central Elementary. I started on the flute. When I was in the High School band, I was on the rifle squad during marching season and I also played the electric bass whenever I had the chance! Mr. Anderson was the type of role model that every student wanted. - always so supportive and never critical. I still play the electric bass in 2 classic rock bands and I even have my flute after all these years. Mr. Anderson was my favorite teacher and just an incredible person. I was so sad when he passed away. I made sure that I went and paid my respects to him and his family. Seeing him in his MSU varsity jacket put a smile on my face. He was a true Sparty!! I hope he realized just how many students' lives he touched and inspired to become the musicians they are now. That's what he did for me!!!

Cassie Fournier
06/12/2013 1:00pm

Mr. Galbreath was a wonderful choir teacher and a good man. He wasn't just there as your teacher but, he was there to listen if you where troubled. He was by far the best teacher I had there because he cared. It wasn't all about music it was about lessons in life and truly reaching out to your students. He was wonderful and amazing and I am so glad that this auditorium is being dedicated to him and Mr. Anderson. They surely deserve it.

Tina Bindschatel
06/12/2013 2:30pm

Mr. "G" was not only a teacher, he was a friend. My fondest memories at EAJ were in his choir classes. He not only taught you how to sing and about music, he taught life's lessons as well. Both teachers' surely deserve this honor!

Erika Bushey (Oestman)
06/12/2013 2:33pm

This is an amazing tribute to an amazing man. I had the honor of being in choir from 7th -12th grades with Mr. Galbreath. Some of my greatest high school memories come from the time I spent with Mr. G. as well as some of the most valuable life lessons. From Christmas time performances at Crossroad's Village with the annual Vocal Ensemble gathering at the Galbreath's to festival prepartation to Spring Concert fun-we learned that anything worth doing is worth doing well and to always give 100%. We learned about music and life, and to this day I still live my life through song. I was honored to have him and Mrs. G. sing at my wedding; It wouldn't have felt complete without him there. My children will grow up with the same love of music Mr. G. instilled in me, and I am so proud to have been his student. I only hope that I can touch the hearts of my own students and children the same way Mr. Galbreath and his family touched mine.

Lyn (Bailey) Motter
06/12/2013 3:16pm

It is wonderful to see the auditorium named after two men that were so inspirational to so many students at Mt Morris for so many years. Very appropriate and no better way to tribute them than to name a part of the school after them. They devoted their lives to their students and music. I was one of Mr Anderson's first students at Mt Morris the first year he was there and I went on to have him through graduation (except for Jr High years with Mr. Karbowski). I have so many fond memories of my years with him. After graduating I went on to work for the schools for 32 years so had a great many dealings with Mr Anderson and Mr Galbreath. Their requests for buses were always last minute and they would hand deliver them to my office with their heads down and say, C'mon Lyn, you can do it for me, can't you? lol We always managed to make it work somehow. My daughter had Mr Galbreath and I was able to see through her, that like Mr Anderson, he greatly cared for his students.

Tabitha Lynn Cassidy
06/12/2013 7:59pm

I have fond memories of both Mr. Galbreath and Mr. Anderson.

When I first began band in fifth grade, Mr. Anderson was my teacher. He taught me how to play the clarinet, how to read music and most importantly, how to appreciate the music that individual instruments can make once they unite together as a whole. I had a terrible habit of rushing everything that I played and was ahead of the group when we played together. One day, Mr. Anderson took me aside and said, "You're just a Russian cat, Tabby." He would continuously call me a "Russian cat" throughout the few years I had known him.

I have many fond memories with Mr. Galbreath, too, even though I didn't continue with choir past freshman year in high school. I was so terribly shy about singing in front of people, that Mr. Galbreath didn't really know what to do with me. At one instance, he decided to arrange the different sections in terms of dynamic markings based on their own average contributions to volume. I was placed at the end and he told me that he had to "make a new dynamic marking" for me, "s, for silent." It gave me a good laugh.

Both of these men are greatly missed and I know how fickle the programs at Mt. Morris have been since their passing. May the future leaders of the band and choir programs live up to their glory.

Shannon (Emery) Smith
06/12/2013 10:06pm

Mr. Anderson was a huge part of my life. He was the greatest role model, and friend. I graduated in 1994 and worked with him as the color guard instructor for many years after I graduated. Not many people can say that they drove his truck, but I can (lol). My favorite memory of Mr. Anderson was when he attending my wedding June 17, 2006. I had asked him they if he was doing OK, and he would just say the normal to me "I'm fine". I knew that he wasn't but, I was so so so happy that he got to see me walk down the isle. I will never forget this moment, and have a picture of it. Most of my memories of HS are of band and how amazing Mr. Anderson was. I miss him very much.

Danielle Christopher ( Gehl)
06/13/2013 10:27am

Mr. Anderson was a terrific role model for all of us! Not only did he take pride in us all, but he truly cared about each one of us. He was a teacher and a friend that you could go to with any problem and he would sincerely listen to you. I was with Mr. Anderson from 6th grade until I was a sophmore in high school. Some of my best friends I met in band and most of my favorite memories came from band!! It is wonderful to see that the auditorium is being named after two men who definately deserve it and who have touched the lives of so many of us!!

Joshua Bourne
06/16/2013 8:44pm

Mr. - and Mrs. - Galbreath were and are like a second family; from choir to everyday problems they were always there if you needed them & I enjoyed helping set up, film, and pack up for all the choir events both high school and Jr. High. I was without words when I found out that Mr. Galbreath had passed in 2007 while I was in basic training. He was a good friend and a good man. I miss you dearly Mr. Galbreath.

Lynette Daniels (Morse)
08/05/2013 8:52am

I graduated in 1994 and Mr. Anderson was by far, the BEST teacher that I had ever had. He was hard on his students in a way that would encourage them to want to be better. He didn't make you feel like you weren't good enough, rather he would always make you feel like you could do better and be better. It was very encouraging. After I graduated, I worked for Mr. Anderson as the color guard instructor for a couple of years before I got married, and I am really glad that I did that. I was able to be part of an awesome team with Mr. Anderson at the lead. He not only put a love for music in my soul, he has given me something that I still use today. I still play my flute and keyboard in church on our worship team and I have strongly encouraged my children to participate in the music programs at their schools. I have a daughter entering 7th grade this fall and she is entering her 3rd year in the band program and what I hope for the most, is that she has a great band director in her future that will encourage and inspire her the way that Mr. Anderson did for me. The dedication he gave to his students was remarkable and I don't believe it is something you find very often. It is a shame that he has left this earth so young, but his legacy lives on in many students lives and hearts. I think it is absolutely wonderful that this dedication is being made and I don't think you could have picked any two people that would have been a better fit. To the district....Thank you for letting music be important in the lives of the students that attend and attended Elisabeth Ann Johnson High School!!

James C Bice (USAF RET)
09/03/2013 11:52pm

I graduated in 1981, Mr. Anderson was a dedicated teacher and an example to the children he instructed. Mr Anderson gave me a love for music and to this day my saxophone has accompanied me all over the world. Frankly, band was the one class I always looked forward to. When my memories turn to those days so many years ago I'm reminded of the song "Leader of the Band'. Thank you Mr Anderson for the legacy you have given to Mt Morris.

Karen West-Aiello
09/16/2013 9:27pm

I was a proud band buddy from 5th grade on through graduation in 1989. Most of my fondest memories are from days and nights spent on the practice field for marching band or in the band room. Mr. Anderson lived a love for music that he strongly desired to pass on to his students. It was evident in everything he did in and out of the classroom. He took an interest in his students personal lives as well as in their day to day schooling. He even took the time to join them in activities outside of school such as the time he helped gather together a small ensemble to play at the Free Methodist church across the street for their Christmas pageant.
I wasn't in choir in high school, but I know Mr. Galbreath was just as enthusiastic about music as Mr. Anderson. I was privileged to be able to witness the performance of one of his pieces at his alma mater, Spring Arbor University, when I was a student there. What an extraordinary talent. Our district was very blessed to have two such gifted men to share their talents with so many lives.

Jennifer Walentovic-Robinson
09/16/2013 9:41pm

Mr. and Mrs. Galbreath made my junior and senior years and E.A.J. managable. I loved choir and how they pushed us to do our best. Mr. Galbreath was a musical genious and is greatly missed. I am so happy that the new auditorium will be dedicated to Mr. Anderson and Mr. Galbreath both!

Susan Norris
09/19/2013 1:24pm

A short touching story, my daughter greduated 1999 had the Galbreaths for 7 years. She loved them and they loved her. My daughter went on to CMU and received a masters in broadcasting once when she left channel 9 & 10 she came here to Detroit to get work right in the middle of the recession. I told her just get any job! She went to work for Greenfield Villiage dressed in her finest 1800's clothes. During the "Holiday Nights" 2008 they are very busy, they just run it a few hours on weekends. So here is Rebecca speaking to a large group of people who were in Firestone Farm. Mrs. Galbreath comes in with a friend, and all of a sudden pushes her way to the front and grabs Rebecca, both start crying. Mrs. Galbreath said that as soon as she walked into the building and could hear Rebecca speak with a ton of people in front of her so she could not see her, she knew after 10 years it was Rebecca. No better people, ever! It is true FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER

Heather (Heath) Schwartz
09/23/2013 9:35am

I was a student of Mr. G for 6 yrs. He was my favorite teacher and I loved and respected him. My favorite memory of him was after I had graduated I stopped by the school to visit him and show him my little girl. Watching him hold her and talk to him reminded me how much I enjoyed the time I spent with this man in his class. The day he left his home on Earth to go to his home in Heaven was one of the worst day of my life. He will always have a place in my heart.

Amber Hyder Van Amburg
09/25/2013 7:59pm

I wasn't in the band, but all of my friend were. Mr. Anderson always gave me a "job" to do so I could ride the band bus and go on the band field trips.

Larry Alpert
10/01/2013 10:55pm

Denny Anderson and I met as freshmen music majors at Michigan State University and kept in touch when we graduated. While he taught in Mt. Morris, I was the band director in nearby New Lothrop. He helped me at my first band camp at Wolverine, MI by teaching brass and being a counselor/chaperone. His finest moment there was teaching the kids to canoe. He fell out of the canoe and lost his glasses. Denny and I spent his last few years on this earth playing trumpet in the Spartan Alumni pep band at basketball and hockey games. When I heard his bands play it reminded me of his musicianship but also showed why his students loved to give their best for him. It was because he gave his best for them.

Go Green, Denny. Go Green!

Jeannie Heystek ( Standerfer)
10/08/2013 2:10pm

Mr. Anderson was more than a teacher to me. He was a mentor, an expert, and, most importantly, a good example. He had passion and high expectations and taught his students as much about commitment and hard work as he did about music. I can still remember painting the parking lot for marching band, going to drum major camp, early morning jazz band, and most of all performing for and with Mr. Anderson. He blessed me personally and enriched my life with a love of his craft. I still miss him.

Sara Potter
10/08/2013 3:21pm

Mr. Anderson is the reason I have a BA in music. His dry wit, passion, and high standards of professionalism and musicianship inspire me to this day, and I just about break out in hives if I realize I've come to a rehearsal without my pencil. He had a really brilliant way of working people into the band family--my piano chops have never been great, but he let me play in the jazz band my senior year anyway and taught me to read the charts, and I practiced like crazy to make him proud. Sure, it was a 7am zero hour class, but I have never been so happy to be awake and making music, even at that obscene hour of morning.

Mr. Galbreath's face always lit up when he conducted. He and Mrs. Galbreath somehow seemed to embrace all of their students into their family, showing up at open houses, weddings, you name it. The day after he died, I happened to have choir rehearsal, and every breath, every note, every pencil notation in my sheet music became a prayer of thanks for his life and legacy. I miss them both, still.

Julie Sheldon (Darley)
10/08/2013 5:03pm

Mr. Galbreath was an inspiration. He often got angry at us for not doing what he knew we were capable of. But in the same breath he would praise us for what we did right and encouraged all of us to strive for more. These are lessons that I have taken with me in life. I always try to strive for more just like Mr. Galbreath taught me!

Jody Sautter Stidham
10/08/2013 9:10pm

Mr. Anderson was truly a band legend. His passion for music and inspiration to students will never be forgotten. Mr. Anderson made band fun and cool. Memorial Day parades, trips to cedar point, Halloween parades at the elementary schools, and the fun pep bands during basketball just made being in band awesome. His personal commitment to helping you achieve your dreams won't be forgotten. I only hope my daughters have a chance to have such a great experience as I had with Mr. Anderson all those years.

Melissa (Proehl) Losey
10/09/2013 8:06am

Mr. Anderson taught me so much more than just music. He found in me a sense of confidence and character that I never knew I had. He believed in me until I finally believed in myself. To this day, one of my strongest memories is trying and failing miserably to hit this single, high solo note in class over and over. I felt the frustrations of the entire band every time I messed up and we had to replay it. But, he stuck with me, and when the I hit the note just right during the performance, he just smiled and winked at me as if to say, "See, I knew you could do it. I never had a doubt." His unshakable confidence inspired all of us to rise to the better ourselves not only in our musical abilities, but in our character, attitude, principles and work ethic. He led by example with such a sense of pride and knew he loved doing what he was doing. What a blessing to have been one of his students!

Cullen Franek
10/15/2013 9:15pm

What a wonderful honor to have the auditorium at EAJ dedicated to two fantastic individuals that will forever be linked to the music department at Mt. Morris High School! I had the pleasure of having Mr. Galbreath as my choir director in 7-12th grade. Everyone has a teacher that they remember in school who they respect and admire. Mr. Galbreath was that person for me. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to know him. The passion that he had for his profession and for his students are what made him the teacher that I aspire to be today.

Rachel Potter
10/16/2013 2:50pm

I had Ken Galbreath as a choir director in 7th and 8th Grade. :D I am glad that he isn't suffering anymore, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't look back and remember the great times we had, and how well he did as our director. He will always be remembered and still someone I look up to everyday. If it wasn't for him who knows if I would have continued through choir or even joined. I thank him each and every day. :D

Mike Vogt
10/16/2013 3:52pm

I wish I could attend the dedication ceremony but I will be working that day. Mr. Anderson was a great man and one of the greatest teachers and musicians I have ever met. He defined the word passion when speaking about the band, his students, and music as a whole. Sometimes we would get frustrated with him because he demanded excellence but in retrospect we were very lucky and blessed to have been in his band!

Michael Bauman
10/17/2013 7:54pm

I only had the pleasure to work with Mr. Anderson a few times. On the last occasion he said something to me that stuck with me forever and I will always remember and thank him for that. He helped me grow up and he will be missed greatly!

Becky (Blalock) Norris
10/18/2013 12:13pm

I was one of the students fortunate enough to spend classroom time with both Mr. Galbreath and Mr. Anderson over the years.

Granted, my whole adventure in band amounted to one year spent struggling to play the clarinet, I always had a great deal of respect for the work Mr. Anderson did with the students in the band. In high school, I had the opportunity to go with him on the annual Cedar Point field trip a couple times as a “friend of the band.” And since the statute of limitations on this crime has probably run out, I think I can freely admit that I managed to get a locker in the “band hallway” a few years running by abusing connections and sneaking my name onto the “band only” list.

But my real musical memories are of Mr. Galbreath and the six years I spent in the junior high and high school choirs. Going to the high school in the fall of 1995, I was in the first graduating class to have Mrs. Galbreath in the classroom beside Mr. G for all four years. That time was filled with events that seem too numerous to recount – the fall retreats, Christmas at Crossroads, exchange concerts with Carmen Ainsworth, New Lorthrup, Flint Central, and my personal favorite - Olivet Nazarene University.

Both of the Galbreaths spent countless hours after class working with students who wanted to participate in Honors Choir and Solo & Ensemble competitions. I always wanted to be an amazing singer, but it never came easy to me the way it did for some others. The Galbreaths always encouraged me and recognized how much I tried. I truly felt honored to be placed in Polyphonic Choir for my sophomore year. During my time, we also hosted the Regional Choir Festival twice. The second time we hosted, I was given the opportunity to serve as the office manager, something that made me very proud of the faith the Galbreaths placed in me. A strong belief in myself and that anything is possible with work is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life because of Mr. & Mrs. Galbreath.

Angela (Ross) Larner
10/22/2013 8:39pm

I was blessed to have both Mr. Anderson and Mr. Galbreath in my Jr. High and High School career. What great men!!! So many memories from band and choir, Because of them, I studied music in college and have been teaching music for 14 yrs now. I still to this day remember them and the love for music they gave me!!! You are both so dearly missed!!!

Erik Lavigne
10/24/2013 11:51am

Erik Lavigne class of 2001- Singing in Frankenmuth during Christmas time at eithe Zenders or Bravarian inn, can't remember which. We never sounded better that night for people just dining.

Nicole (Grenier) Dunckel
10/24/2013 7:36pm

I spent 6 years in the Mt Morris choirs, starting in 7th grade and finishing when I graduated in 1999. I can honestly say that being a member of the choir program changed my life.

I had a very rocky home life the last few years I was in high school and with a combination of music and life lessons the Galbreaths were able to provide me with something stable that I was unable to find elsewhere. They taught me about so much more than just singing, and for that I will be forever grateful.

It was also in choir that I met and fell in love the man who would become my husband, Duane Dunckel. We have a beautiful daughter and will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary in a little over a week.

Duane and I can only hope that our daughter is lucky enough to have an mentor or educator that will mean as much to her as what the Galbreaths meant to us.

Tammy (Wildfong) Kovacs
10/25/2013 3:21pm

I have so many wonderful memories of Mr. and Mrs. Galbreath. Mr. G was phenomenal. He was truly a genuine soul. He was brilliant in so many ways. He had a passion for music and succeeded at making his students feel special. Some of my most trying times in high school came during my senior year and Mr. G was always so caring. I think of him often and reflect on my days spent with him and Mrs. G. Mr. G was disciplined, hard-working, dedicated and his love for his students and music will live on forever. I am proud to have made choir a part of my life for 6 years.

Kristin Slattery
10/25/2013 4:07pm

Until now I have not been able to pull myself together enough to write anything coherent about these two men because each time I break into tears that they are not still with us. I would give anything for them to be here and to be able to express my gratitude to them in person instead of on a website. I had the pleasure of being taught by both from late elementary until graduation and spent so many hours with them both in and out of classes that I couldn't even begin to tally it up. Words just can not express how much I learned from each of these men (as well as Mrs. Galbreath!), and not just about music, but about life. I learned about working hard to achieve, I learned to expect excellence, I learned about passion, I learned about discipline, I learned about not making excuses. They were always there to listen when students needed to talk as well, and I always felt they were as deeply invested in us as people as they were in us musically. Even when I was in performances outside of the MM Band or Choir, they would often make the trip, usually an hour drive or more, to see me! I am so thankful for the talents that they cultivated in me, and for the hours they spend helping me become better.Thank you so much to both families for allowing us to share them with you. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Galbreath made band and choir feel like family--to this day I am connected to the people I shared these classes with. I will forever be touched by the experiences I had in Mt. Morris bands and choirs because of these men.

Audrey-Jo Ramirez (Freeman)
10/25/2013 4:17pm

Between my sisters being in band and myself it seems like Mr. Anderson had always been in my life. He was such a great instructor and person. He taught my whole family in band, from his first year of teaching my parents as seniors in 1972 to me who graduated in 2003. Growing up I knew I wanted to be in the band, partly because my whole family was musical and also because I wanted Mr. Anderson as a teacher. I feel he taught us all more than just music but also to expect the best out of ourselve and not just musically because he did as well. I have so many good memories of him from never being on the right foot when marching, to being late almost every day for jazz band (It ran in the family had to keep up the tradition) to evening practices for marching band, to attending music performances at MSU with him and a few other students and always stopping to watch the MSU marching band practice before hand. He was like a member of our family and is truly missed.

Christina Robertson-Theis
10/25/2013 5:28pm

I cannot express how proud and humbled I am to have known both these men. My father, John Robertson, and Mr Anderson worked for many years together with the marching band and even though I did not participate in the band I knew his students respected and admired him.

As for Mr.G, my heart still breaks to think of all the things that are missed about him. But, I am bursting with love and admiration for he and his family. I think I may have spent as many hours with him as I did my own family during my HS years. I will never forget him and his crazy 'leprechaun' ways. Him climbing onto the piano laying down and listening, No one knows for sure how many pitch pipes and pencils he went through! His passion for music and life were so apparent to anyone he met. He was my mentor, teacher, friend and I will never forget the impact he had on my life.

Mt. Morris Schools were blessed by the talent these men possessed and brought to us. Hopefully their legacy will go for many decades. There could not be two more deserving music educators.

Michelle Robertson
10/26/2013 7:45pm

I think Christina has eloquently expressed for our whole family how much we all admire and appreciate these two talented and giving teachers. Denny and John will never be forgotten.

Kristen Jobin
10/25/2013 6:23pm

I don't think I will ever be able to find the words to adequately express just how much Mr. Anderson influenced my life and so many others. He was so much more than a teacher. What I think I liked best was that he saw the big picture and the smallest details. One of my favorite memories of him came in marching band one year during a Homecoming parade. We were coming up on Montague and had just finished a drum cadence and didn't have enough time to play anything else before the turnoff for the buses, but there was a big group on little kids along the sidewalk begging us to play something. He happened to be walking beside me and I could see his face look thoughtful before he brought us to a halt and had us spread out. Right there, in the middle of the parade, holding up everyone behind us, he had us play a show piece for those kids. The kids went crazy. It became tradition after that. He saw everything. He knew all the little things and he truly cared when we needed advice. Didn't have to be just about band. It could be anything. Even long after I graduated in 2000, I still went to him for advice. He was so much more than a teacher, more than a mentor. He was the leader of the band family. And with his band program, family is exactly the right word. I wish I could be there this weekend as they honor these two men. They dedicated their lives to making a difference in lives of students and we are all living proof that they succeeded.

Stacy Powell
10/25/2013 6:47pm

Mr. Galbreath is, and always will be my hero. He had a way of getting to know each student on a personal level and making them feel special. He was more than just a teacher, he was a friend. I'll never forget some of the things he said, or what he taught us. He had a passion for music and for life, and it was the most inspiring thing I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Even when his lungs were failing and he could barely sing, he still did because singing was his passion in life. He passed that onto me. When I joined choir in 7th grade I didn't imagine that my life would be changed so much. Thanks to his encouragement I stayed in choir throughout high school, and am still in it in college. I also learned to play piano and joined the band playing tuba thanks to the love of music he instilled in me. Mr. G truly changed my life for the better. Because of his passion, I found mine. He will forever hold a place in my heart, and the hearts of the many students whose lives he touched.

Jennifer (Muter) Kosto
10/25/2013 7:52pm

I have so many good memories of Mr. Anderson that I could write forever. He was the best teacher ever! He pushed me everyday and brought out my confidence like no other teacher did. I also admired his determination and his drive to achieve perfection. Sometimes when it was festival time, it was so frustrating when he would make us do the same thing over and over to get it right but it taught us to be the best and to be proud in our achievements! He would take us to MSU to see the SMB. He let us out early on chicken nugget day. He told funny jokes. He let us hang out in the band room. He was like a second dad to all of us! I miss him and am happy to see this dedication go to such a great man!

Andrew Schulz
10/25/2013 9:03pm

It was because of the great experiences I had in band that I became a music teacher. Mr. Anderson gave me with trumpet lessons in high school, provided opportunities for hands-on experience in my undergraduate years, and was there to help me in my first band-directing job. I was crushed when I heard of his passing. It still saddens me that I can’t thank him personally for all that he did.

Whenever I deliver a level stare with a slightly knitted brow, or snap my fingers loudly to keep tempo for a tune, I think of Mr. A. Occasionally I find myself whistling or humming charts we played in Jazz (Spain) or played in band (Havendance).

His life’s work lives on in his former students and is passed along further with the music that we are able to create, share, and enjoy because of his dedication and love.

Danyelle Gilliam (Rodden)
10/25/2013 9:18pm

I was a student of Mr. Anderson's since band was first an option in school. It wasn't until high school that I learned just how lucky I was to have him as my teacher. High School was a hard time for me and he always took the time to listen to and let me know life would be ok. When I was really upset he used to put me in his small very full office turn on instrumental music and have me just sit in there and listen during class. I wish so much that I could thank him for that because he taught me how to love and use music to put myself in a place of peace. I have such great respect for him and he will forever be remembered through the many students he touched during his career.

Aaron Mottaghi
10/25/2013 11:07pm

Joining the choir under Ken Galbreath was one of the best decisions I ever made. Galbreath was a model human being, and an exemplary educator, musician and friend.

I spent 6 years working with him, usually for more than 2 hours a day, as a member of his choirs and vocal ensemble. They were some of the most formative and meaningful years I can remember. He was responsible for sending me to the Vocal Arts Workshops and the Interlochen Arts Academy, two of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences of my life.

It is wonderful that he and Anderson are being honored in this way. More wonderful yet that I was lucky enough to attend this school during the time when they were both on the faculty. I will forever posses the deepest gratitude and appreciation for my time at EAJ, the support and respect of our principal Lisa Kiefer, and most notably, working with Ken Galbreath.

The knowledge we gained from you
Will keep us ever true
Home of the White & Blue
Mt. Morris High!

Steve Ridley
10/26/2013 9:12am

I have often said that Mr. Anderson was the best teacher I had throughout my school years. He extracted the best from each student and then we wanted to give more. His method of teaching taught us how to learn which I believe is the goal of education. His teaching went beyond the subject of music into many other areas of life. The lifelong gifts that he gave to each of us as his students will be multiplied for generations to come. Thank you Mrs. Anderson for sharing your wonderful man with so many people. Blessings on you on this special day.
Class of 1979

Michael Sheridan
10/27/2013 5:04am

It's possible, I suppose, that I would have a love for classical music, jazz, big band swing, and even opera without ever having known and been instructed by Mr. Anderson. Possible, but highly unlikely. His passion for the music he chose for us to learn and perform was contagious, and his patience while we got it wrong until we got it right is something I know I couldn't have matched.

I never got a chance to thank him for the opportunities he gave me while I was his student, or for the way my life has been enriched by the love of music he instilled in me. Thank you, Mr. Anderson, wherever you are

Jamie McCartney (Elliott)
10/27/2013 2:02pm

The Galbreath's touched so many lives in their time teaching and sharing the joy of music. They were the greatest influence on my life during my teenage years, and I credit them for my successes in both my professional and personal life. I think some of my favorite memories are the stories and life lessons he shared, or the light in his eyes when he spoke of his grandchildren. My best experience in high school were our choir retreats. We had so much fun spending time with wonderful people. Even now, I hope I am passing on Mr. Galbreath's legacy and love for music to my own son, as my husband and I sing songs we learned in choir to our little one. I take comfort knowing that he is in heaven directing choirs of Angels.

Angie (Thibault) D'Arcangelis
10/28/2013 11:55am

I have so many great memories of my time spent in band and with Mr. Anderson. He taught me not only about music, but about myself and about life. I will never know if he knew how much it meant to me that he had so much confidence in not only my musical abilities, but the confidence that he had in me as a person. I've taken many of the lessons that he taught me with me into my adult life. He will always hold a special place in my heart!

Pharlon Randle
03/02/2014 8:06pm

I have several memories of both Mr. Anderson and Mr. Galbreath/Mrs Galbreath. Being a bus driver for 12 years for the district, between 1995 - 2007, I did several field trips for both and all I can say is I totally respected them all. All they did was a great job with the students. Every tournament I can remember taking them to, they always received excellent reviews. They always treated me with total respect. Mr. Anderson never sat down..he rode the bus like a conductor on every trip, rather it be the 45 minute trip to ypsilanti or to the a tournament in Flushing. Mr. Galbreath, always full of energy and happiness. He was always interested in what I was doing in life, even though I was just the bus driver.
The spirit lives on forever with them. Im glad I had the chance to know them.


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